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You can download Vigilo OSS VA 5.2 Vigilo OSS VA

Vigilo is a "Network Management System" (NMS) system. Vigilo NMS is a performance monitoring software. Its modularity and design enables it to address medium to large-sized information systems. Vigilo NMS offers all the needed services for performance monitoring: states overview, mapping, correlation, metrology and reporting. In a market dominated by a few monolithic and weak adaptive solutions, Vigilo NMS stands out through its capacity to adapt and fit into different environments. It is the ideal solution for CIOs looking for a complete and efficient tool that will know how to adapt to their needs.

WARNING on Vigilo OSS Edition Vs Vigilo NMS Edition

Vigilo OSS is the open source edition of Vigilo NMS . Vigilo OSS is aimed for evaluation, research and test purpose on very small environments. Please note that Vigilo OSS performances are way lower than the Vigilo NMS edition.

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