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Installing GNU TLS

Required by libprelude


Installing From Source

Download Packages

You will want to install the above packages in the same order to prevent dependency issues when configuring.


First expand the package:

tar -xvzf libgpg-error-1.0.tar.gz


cd libgpg-error-1.0

Now configure, make, and install:

./configure && make && make install

Now follow the above steps but with the the other two package names.

Other Installation Means

Yum users:

yum install gnutls gnutls-devel

Apt-Get Users:

apt-get install gnutls gnutls-devel (some distros it is gnutls-dev)

(Please note that many apt-get archives have too old a version of gnutls prior to the version required for Prelude)

Ports Users:

Depending on your OS the same issue may apply as with the users of Apt-Get. The verion in your ports tree may be too old to fit the requirements of Prelude. It is best to just install gnutls from source if at all possible.


  • You have an error when making libgpg-error on a NetBSD 2.0 machine with the default awk.
> make
gcc -E _mkerrcodes.h | grep GPG_ERR_ | awk -f ./mkerrcodes.awk >mkerrcodes.h
_mkerrcodes.h:57:8: no macro name given in #ifdef directive
_mkerrcodes.h:60:8: no macro name given in #ifdef directive
In file included from mkerrcodes.c:26:
mkerrcodes.h:3: error: parse error before '}' token

To remedy this issue you should install gawk
and run again:
./configure && make && make install
  • It is known that with gnutls-1.2.4 when configuring on an OpenBSD 3.6 machine it will error out when trying to configure OpenPGP support.

To remedy this issue run configure with the additional option of:

./configure --disable-openpgp-authentication

  • You have an error on the libgnutls version it is too old : you should install the new library (
  • Your have an error after installing gnutls, the version from the config file is 1.0.xx but the library used is 1.0.yy :

=> this is a library link mistake you should try as root

it will show you where the file is for example _/usr/local/lib_ and then you can do :
>ldconfig /usr/local/lib

Retry to ./configure libprelude.

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